Biryani (Delicious Dish)


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Biryani is a very delicous and Tasty dish. It’s a famous in Pakistan and India. Biryani is a Hyderabadi Dish. Hyderabad City is on the both side india and pakistan.It’s a very Cheap dish.

I suggest you, you try it

Biryani make many trends

1. Chiken biryani

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2. Beef biryani

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3. Vegetable biryani

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4. kofta biryani

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Main ingredients for any type of biryani

1. Zarda Colour(light yellow colour)

2. Red chilli powder

3. lemon

4. Imli

5. Onion


7. oil


9. Garlic

10. Biryani Massala

11. White rise

12. Green chilli

How to Make biryani(simple method)

Brown Onion with oil and added tomato garlic and ginger so we added 1.5kg Chiken and biryani massala. So clean the rise 1kg and boil added colour so your rise is boil added chiken and just 15minut steam so your biryani is ready.


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