Who am i Part 1

                                  Who i am Part 1

My name is Muhammad jawad alam i am only son in my parent.

My Education is Btech pass in Mechanical.

Am i live in Karachi city the city in Pakistan.

Me 24 year old kid in my parent.

I am watching Vlogs reads blogs and see beautifull pictures.

Making videos and this days i am trying make great blog and take pictures in Nikon D3500.

My favorite shopping chip juice Camera and mobile accessories.

I am not sharing person i am not share my thing to another.

I have lots of social media and i forget ids passwards so i write in my dairy.

Biggest hoader camera and mobile accessories.

                                                  this lines i cheat blogger

                                     @sabaniazsiddique sabaniazsiddique.

Published by JawadAlamProduction

I am jobless person and I am 24 year old kid without marriage live in pakistan I boy in karachi city I am bachelor degree holder and I am small vlogger blogger writer.

19 thoughts on “Who am i Part 1

          1. I am just 16 I am select mechanical diploma forced my parents and my friends and I am not interesting in mechanical pr kuch to krna tha or mairi khud ki choice thi writer bannay ki pr us waqat koi guid kernay wala nhi tha ky ya kaise hoga jab apko english bilkul na ati ho or ap urdu likhna chatay ho waqat ky sath sath insan seekhta hy to isliya apni to koi manzil nazar nhi arahi isliya jo parents ny kaha manliya
            Kyn ky sahi guide kernay wala nhi hota

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          2. Saba in those days, and even today in many homes, children were just told to do something!!
            My older sisters were very bright but had to study humanities for various reasons (two retd as principals of colleges and one did PhD from London)
            Father was keen to have an engineer in the family. I was good in science and maths and after scoring well in Pre Engineering enrolled for Mechanical Engineering. From very beginning I realised it wasn’t my cup of tea. Though I was good in science, if anyone had given it a serious thought, I was better in history and philosophy.
            In any case I passed my Engineering with honours. And in my professional career I quickly turned to sales and commercial profiles and general management. My Engineering studies and the thinking brain did help me a lot.
            My wife was a master in music but was a better engineer than me 😂
            Last 15 years of my work life I was into IT Consulting 😇
            I kept learning and growing and changing my line of business and domain.
            Now for many years it is only God and social work 🙏

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            1. I wanted to do fine arts but forced to get into medical after intermediate in biology but I refused and took admission in humanities. Again I asked to take admission in fine arts but the moved me towards what I am studying for nowadays.
              I still have hope after first attempt I will start my journey of fine arts.

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